Dork Heresy

Op.1 Debrief.
Brother, where art thou?

The party started out on the battlecruiser ‘Herald of Repentence’, after their inquisitor was called to the planet Asturias IV after a priest, Brother Cornelius, sent out an encoded message.
Their first priority was to find the priest, as well as to find and clues as to what he was calling in an inquisitor for.
The party left Inquisitor Vuldrat with the Governor Antonias, as well as another priest, Petrus, as Cornelius had been missing for several days.
The party went to investigate the bar, and headed to the middle habs, until suddenly they were accosted by four men in trenchcoats, shooting at them from behind.
After dispatching these men, who were identified via IDs (That may well be fake), the party investigated one of the leads from said IDs, heading up to the Noble habs.
Promptly Lazarus decided to probe the minds of the guards of the district, causing a flicker int he warp that sent almost everyone in the area into a frenzy.
The party was arested, mostly because of that act and because Marcus decided to kill a guy with his flamethrower.

After they were released thanks to the Inquisitor’s intervention, they went back to the slums to search for clues, taking up a job for a local gang and then promptly siding with another. Still, they gained some allies at least!
Finally, though, in the abandoned shanty town of ‘No Man’s Land’, basically a giant, empty warehouse full of rusted metal shacks, they found Brother Cornelius.. as well as six other men. The party’s psyker could sense straight away that they had the stench of the Warp upon them.
Not knowing exactly what they were, though, they killed them, and under the Inquisitor’s orders, brought the body’s back to the ship for study.

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